DiscountLock Benefits


At, we believe in offering more than just magazine subscriptions; we aim to provide a seamless and rewarding experience. Our DiscountLock program ensures consistent savings and uninterrupted access to your favorite reads. Explore below to discover how DiscountLock elevates your subscription.

Guaranteed Savings

DiscountLock ensures that your subscription will automatically renew with a minimum discount of 10% off the list price at the time of each renewal. If for any reason we cannot offer this discount, we will notify you and won't automatically renew your subscription.

Don't Miss an Issue

With DiscountLock, your renewal is processed before the end of your order term, ensuring that you don't miss any issues.

Email Reminders

Stay informed at every step. We'll send you an initial reminder 30 days prior to your subscription renewal. Then, 7 days before the renewal, we'll provide a follow-up email detailing the exact amount you will be charged, giving you ample opportunity to make any necessary adjustments.

Cancel at Any Time

No strings attached. You can log in to your account at any time to disable DiscountLock.

Unique Benefits Comparison

DiscountMags Publisher
Price Guarantees a minimum of 10% discount at renewal May renew at a higher price with no minimum discount No longer offers magazine subscriptions May renew at a higher price with no minimum discount
Cancellation Easy online cancellation Easy online cancellation No longer offers magazine subscriptions Varies
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