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Turbocharged November 2023 (Digital)

About Turbocharged

TURBOCHARGED Magazine is a monthly automotive magazine published by Supercharged Publishing LLP in Lucknow, India. It was launched in 2023 and is one of the most popular automotive magazines in India. The magazine is known for its stunning photography, informative articles, and expert advice. It covers a wide range of topics related to automobiles, including: * New car and motorcycle reviews: TURBOCHARGED Magazine features new car and motorcycle reviews from India and around the world. The reviews are comprehensive and informative, and they provide readers with all the information they need to make informed buying decisions. * Car and motorcycle comparisons: TURBOCHARGED Magazine also features car and motorcycle comparisons, so readers can see how different models compare against each other in terms of performance, features, and price. * Driving impressions: TURBOCHARGED Magazine also features driving impressions of new and popular cars and motorcycles. These impressions give readers a feel for what it is like to drive these vehicles in real-world conditions. * Motorsports coverage: TURBOCHARGED Magazine also covers motorsports, including Formula 1, MotoGP, and the World Rally Championship. The magazine provides readers with in-depth coverage of the latest races and results, as well as interviews with drivers and team bosses. * Automotive industry news and trends: TURBOCHARGED Magazine also covers automotive industry news and trends from India and around the world. The magazine provides readers with insights into the latest developments in the automotive industry, as well as the impact of these developments on consumers. TURBOCHARGED Magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in automobiles. It is a must-read for anyone who is looking to stay informed about the latest car and motorcycle reviews, comparisons, driving impressions, motorsports news, and automotive industry trend.

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