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About Mornings with Jesus

Tap into the Holy Spirit with Mornings With Jesus magazine. As you wake up to the dawn of a new day, be blessed with curated messages of all that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has imparted to this Earth. With messages of hope, love, and His ever-growing message, readers of Mornings With Jesus can find a more intimate relationship with the Lord. In light of all the mayhem and chaos that surrounds us, find solace in His Scripture and the pages of Mornings With Jesus.


Publishing 6 times a year, every carefully crafted sentence is dedicated to helping Christians grow closer to Him. Whether you feel lost in your own life, looking for inspiration, or need to feel closer to our Lord and Saviour, Mornings With Jesus is a perfect way to begin and end your day.

Complete with Daily Devotions designed to help anyone looking to find their way closer to Jesus, many have found the Mornings With Jesus magazine to serve as a thoughtful addition to reading the Scripture. With a devoted audience base that can attest to the effectiveness of Mornings With Jesus, discover how you can strive to become more like Jesus. As life continues to move forward, many Christians find time to reflect on their lives and weigh both the good and bad they've done. Many faithful Christians can begin to think about their past in a retrospective way and feel lost, guilty, or worthless for having not done enough good in their lives. With Mornings With Jesus magazine, begin and end your day with the spiritual reassurance that only He can offer. Armed with your Bible, the Holy Spirit, and a devotion to be a positive influence in the lives of those around you, transcend your shortcomings through Mornings With Jesus.

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