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Kit Planes magazine is the publication for the homebuilding hobbyist. Featuring articles about the history of homebuilding, the current trends, helpful tips for first time builders, a directory of support groups, and a section of homebuilts that people like you have completed. If you love building planes, you will love this magazine. Order your subscription today!

Build Your Knowledge to Build Your Plane
With Kit Planes magazine, you can learn how to get started on your first or next plane. Even if homebuilding has been your go-to hobby for years, this publication provides information on the latest technologies that will make your hobby easier and more enjoyable than ever. There is also information in your subscription about where to store and fly your plane once it’s completed so that you can enjoy every aspect of your hobby while remaining worry-free.

Flight Models
With your discount subscription to Kit Planes, you will get an in depth look into all the latest airplane models that any hobbyist will love. From the SeaRey LSX Amphibian to the flying Mustang IIs. You will learn about how to have a bigger engine in your kit planes without sacrificing a light and dexterous airframe. Whether you prefer showy new styles or more retro planes with radial engines, you will love the models that Kit Planes magazine brings to your attention in every issue of your subscription. There are also numerous product reviews in each issue. These reviews will help you decide on the best parts and products for your homebuilt to insure that your plane has everything it needs.

Inspiring Features
Learn about amazing homebuilders like yourself who are taking homebuilding to the next level. Stories about the first four-seat homebuilt that flies across the Atlantic Ocean will inspire you to build an even better kit plane than your last one. You will also learn about navigation systems that will make your flights in your homebuilt airplane safe just in case you fly into a dangerous situation.  

No matter how long you have been tinkering with your homebuilt hobby, you will love your discount subscription to Kit Planes magazine.

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