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Green Arrow Magazine

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Green Arrow is a comic book dedicated to Oliver Queen. In each issue of this periodical you will learn more about this unique hero, his life, and the adventures that he has. This is a great story of a man who changes his ways, and you will love it. Order your discount subscription to the Green Arrow today to start reading about Oliver Queen!


The character Green Arrow started as a spoiled billionaire who only cared for himself, but when his assistant betrays him and he is left for dead on an island to which they sailed, Oliver Queen revolutionizes his personality. To survive on the island Queen mastered some survival skills, among them was the ability to shoot a bow and arrow. While exploring the island, he found a group of corrupt locals who were enslaving the weaker of the society and Queen realized that he was corrupt and decided to change. In each issue of this comic book, you will learn more about this man’s transformation from a spoiled brat to a superhero. 


Throughout his time on the island, Oliver Queen transformed into the Green Arrow and through this transformation, he acquired many unique skills. His biggest claim to fame is his archery skills and unrivaled aim. In addition to the archery, he also has exceptional martial arts skills and inexhaustible wealth. Follow along in this comic series to discover how Queen uses his powers as a superhero.


After returning to civilization after inciting a rebellion on his island, Oliver Queen finds corruption to be rampant throughout the world in which he grew up. With his trick arrows that shoot smoke, tear gas, nets, and more, he manages to constantly fight to protect the less fortunate from corrupt individuals like he used to be.

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