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Eat Well Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: Australia


Eat Well Magazine (Digital) has a healthy approach to good food. Taste every page as you flick through – delicious! Why bother? Because everything in here is good for you, easy, and yum. We know you are busy so we give you everything you need to eat well – recipes, shopping lists, quick ideas. You’re tapping in to a heap of wisdom from passionate chefs, bloggers and caring home cooks. You can share yours too – we’re a community. Life’s short…. outsource your food plan to people who love healthy good food. If you stopped buying recipe mags years ago because they’re full of things you can’t eat – then try Eat Well! Over 70 recipes per edition.
  • Publisher: Universal Wellbeing PTY Limited
  • ISSN: 2204-2474