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About Eat Well

Take care of your body by feeding yourself the hundreds of filling and health-conscious recipes found in Eat Well magazine. Every year, millions of people around the world initiate a resolution and goal to lose weight and live their best lives. A fundamental flaw in their weight loss journey is usually due to an unstable foundation and relationship with food. With Eat Well, learn how you can tackle your weight problems with wholesome nutrition and recipe ideas that will fuel you with vitalizing energy. Get to know the foundational elements of healthy food habits, nutrition and eating well with Eat Well.

History of Eat Well Magazine

With a 25-year history in the food and nutritional publication market, Eat Well has won multiple magazine awards for its high-quality content centered around how everyday people can improve their lives by what they put in their stomachs. Since its inception, the magazine has used scientific approaches to help readers better understand the relationship between overall quality of life and the food they eat. These methods are still prevalent in their most recent issues where they detail how managing caloric intake, macro/micronutrients, and introducing healthier alternatives can produce weight loss and body fat loss.


At first glance, Eat Well offers many of the same conventions that many food and lifestyle publications touch on. Healthy recipes, diets, the importance of fiber and vegetables serve as one of the foundational aspects of this magazine. Readers will be pleasantly surprised by the practical approaches, nutritional wisdom, and lifestyle hacks that are scattered on every page. Most snacks are packed with sugar and simple carbohydrates that can ruin your progress, bring the scale number up, and make your jeans fit a little tighter. With Eat Well, learn about how to create 100 calorie delectable snacks using less calorically dense ingredients. Have a problem snacking? Learn how you can find or create foods that satisfy your sugar cravings with a healthier approach. Interested in a new diet? Draw from the 15 different diets that are detailed in Eat Well magazine.

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