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About Detective Comics

Detective Comics magazine is the continued adventure of one of the most iconic superheroes, Batman. You will enjoy reading about him and all your favorite characters in this title that is being re-launched for the first time. In each comic book, you will learn more about your favorite hero and why he does all that he does for the city of Gotham. Order your discount Detective Comics subscription today!


The celebrated writer and artist, Tony S. Daniel, provides you with the new comic book adventures about Batman. You will enjoy the fantastic creations that he has made under the title of Detective Comics. You will also enjoy the artwork from colorists, Tomeu Morey and Ryan Winn. No superhero adventure is the same without the famed comic style of art! You will enjoy all the talent that has gone into every issue of this publication!


The main characters of the revamped Detective Comics are some of your favorites. The series includes Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Police Commissioner James Gordon, the Joker, and Pandora. The interplay between all of the characters will be interesting make interesting reading each month and you will enjoy watching some of your favorite relationships, such as those between the Dark Knight and the Joker or Bruce Wayne and Alfred, gain more depth throughout the series. You will enjoy reading about these beloved characters as well as a few others and learning more about their adventures and backstories.

Powers and Talents

Each of the main characters of the Detective Comics has unique talents and abilities that come into play throughout the series. You will enjoy reading and learning about them all. Batman is a talented martial artist and combat strategist. This, paired with his inexhaustible wealth, impeccable deductive skills, and advanced technology, makes him an insurmountable opponent to the villains of Gotham. However, he has an ego that matches his skills and is kept in check by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. The Police Commissioner, James Gordon, also helps Batman to stay out of trouble with the law since he is occasionally viewed as a renegade vigilante. He meets his match though when faced with the complete unpredictability and impressive intelligence of the Joker. You will also enjoy learning more about Pandora. She has her own set of impressive powers, including immortality, magic, supernatural knowledge, combat skills, and magic weaponry that will impact the adventures in impressive ways. 

Start reading about all the adventures taking place in the city of Gotham with a discount Detective Comics subscription! 

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