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Catwoman Magazine

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In this comic brought to you by DC, you will be able to read about Catwoman who has appeared in comics since her debut in the 1940s. Whether you have been a fan of hers since you first read about her character in the first Batman comic or you have recently become a fan, you will love reading about her as the protagonist of her very own storyline. Learn more about your favorite female protagonist by subscribing to Catwoman magazine!


Catwoman began her life as Selina Kyle, spending her childhood growing up as an orphan in one of Gotham’s worst neighborhoods. She turns to a life of crime early in life to provide for herself and her friends. This villainess makes cat burglary to a new level with her various skills. She steals what is necessary and sometimes more, to survive and protect those for whom she cares. She is a villainess you can’t quite hate since she steals from the rich and provides for the poor as well as herself.

Skills Worthy of a Cat

With talents that rival those of Batman himself, Catwoman is a woman not to be underestimated. Her talents include exceptional martial arts, gravity defying gymnastic abilities, and hand-to-hand combat skills. With balance true to her feline alter ego, she balances on the fine line between being a heroine and a villainess with her skills of breaking and entering and picking pockets. While she masquerades as a thief, this is one criminal who you will be pulling for from the beginning of her story till the end.

A Riveting Storyline

This comic features a beautifully illustrated story in which a sexy and street-smart woman who leads a life of moral ambiguity. Catwoman helps others when it suits her purpose or when it provides some benefit to her, but she is not quite a heroine. You will be captivated by the interplay between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, as they are intermittently close allies but occasional enemies as well as while their flirtatious and complicated relationship causes more issues than their differing moral convictions.

Follow along as this thieving heroine does good things for all the wrong reasons in every issue of Catwoman. Order your discount subscription today! 

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